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 Mister Snippy

Mister Snippy

The wasteland should be a place where you only walk around with a gas mask. Nuclear war happend so thus you must wear gas mask , changing it every 30 minutes. Mutants and all kind of beasts should be strong and no one should wonder alone in the wastes (making rp purpose for people to stick together and work as a team).
Bullets and Weapons are a very rare thing. Thus they should be very expensive except weapons which are common! Makarov and AK-47 for example! Maybe shotgun too but it's a very strong weapon.
Food and drinking must be added to the game mode , no one lives forever without it. If you do not eat in 2 hours or drink water in 1 hour , you will die slowly and respawn.
Jobs should pay more and be long and hard , implementing parts where you need to roleplay (Scavenge) or kill stuff! (for fun , to not get people boring.) These two can be balanced in the administator's eyes who is leading the quest or event. The people must be living in the sewers or some place like Dark Catacombs. But this map doesn't really have that big of a sewer system.
We could make a makeshift shelter , cover the UAF base and when you go out , you need gas mask. Simple yez?
Now we will need to have factions! EXO suits are not a thing that should EXIST! Why? First. They are rare and SUPER expensive to make. Thus the only way to get it is by paying a fuck ton of money for it. Factions need to be equal , no one too strong. They will have events aswell! Every faction should have some sort of administator (quest giver) who will make sure they are not bored and have something to do at all times. The factions should be:

- Bandits

- Freedom

- Ecologists

-And other people who make unofficial groups. They can work together and make money in this apocalypse world.
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All suggestions are good expect that one.

- Gas mask change each 30 minutes (This will be extremely annoying)

I also would like to see server go more into Metro/Stalker universe than into Fallout.
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Sounds like a good idea for me.

Looking foward passing it to the Chester. As it people wont walk around map not scared etc. And yes weapons should be rare, and prices should be high. So people could atleast prove that they can handle it. It also helps out main factions to be respected. Enemy idea is good too, no one is hero in the wasteland. And yes gasmask idea is awesome too, but we could change the time to 1 hour. But pretty good idea.

- Lorender
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 Mister Snippy

Mister Snippy
"The thing is..." as the server people say. So The thing is. In metro , your gas mask filtre lasts 30 minutes , thus that is why I said it like that.
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Eating and drinking should be extended to at least 2 hours(both), since it might be used as a reason to take someone and starve him/her to death with chances for the kidnapped to run away.
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