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Yet another faction idea. The-fr10

Onofolis   (STALKER monolith inspired)

One day, a radiation storm that laster over 1 hour was sweeping trough Chernobyl, alot of weird noises where heard outside, for those who took cover somewhere inside ofcourse. As the storm came to an end a group of wastelanders agreed on checking out for possibly any loot. As they stepped outside, their facial expresions changed to a suprised one, as in the distance a shining blue light could be seen. Out of curiosity, the group walked towards the light.... But as they approached the light, it became brighter to the point it became almost eye-blinding, some members of the group felt sick, weak. But they did not stop walking to it. Eventually after a painfull walk, the group finally reached the strange shining rock-like thing. One member of the group whitout reason touched the rock. Suddenly, the people behind him started screaming, falling to the ground. As some moments passed, the man still stood whit his hand on the rock, not sayng a word, he turned around to see the people who where on the ground suddenly standing still, gazing into the rock and mumbling something in a zombified-tone. The man touching the rock was Charon Yehorenko, the current tactical-leader of onofolis. [WIP if this faction gets accepted, wich i can guess it won't, i could add more]

What is this faction about:
It's basically insane religious-like faction that worships artifacts. Standart millitary gear. All members are brainwashed wastelanders/millitary related people (Which explains why they got standart millitary gear), sometimes going into patrols. Side note: I would actually wanna try to make this faction more NPC driven then player (Guarding the base, going on patrol etc..) And depending on how many players would be falgged on, there would be determine the ammount of NPC spawned.

Destroy everything that isn't their own, take over as much land as possible.


1. Follower: Just joined, allowed to participate in patrols.
2. Adapted: Slighty respected. Given better gear.
3. Preacher: If patrol organiser gets killed in action, he takes over. Also given better gear.
4. Wings: Allowed to organise patrols, if possible, given custom made exo-suit.
5. Messiah: Leader of the group.
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After talking to cheester, the faction won't be happening. Thank you for the read! Razz
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