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Hello comrade , this book will guide you across Post-Apocalypse Pripyat and help you understand this place , so let's start of the main survival. To survive in Pripyat , it's good thing to find some safe place and collect scrap then sell it for Chips (Currency in Pripyat) , you will also have to get some friends or hire a gun like a Mercanary. Let's get to the factions:

Armed Forces of Ukraine (UAF) - They are Soldier trying to get the Pripyat back , however bandits , warheads and many other people are trying to stop them. They also help newcomers.
UAF has an outpost with Junk Buyer , Trader , Training area for soldiers , Bunker , from the traders you can buy many various things as ammunition , flashlights , radio.
Bandits - Pretty common group , they will attempt to stop UAF trying to take control over in Pripyat , they just want to rob you , kill you. If you are newcomer it's recommended to avoid dangerous places.
Forgotten MC - Group of Bikers in Pripyat , after they noticed presence of UAF in area they tried to make peace with them and gave them fuel in exchange. They are neutral to all factions expect the Bandits which they hate. Forgotten MC offers fuel cans , vehicle modification or even buy / sell vehicles , but everything cost chips.
Dark's Catacomb Settlement - Underground Settlement , everyone is welcomed inside , there are few rules in it as [No Guns / No Cannibalism / No Robbing] and more , they can provide clean water , food and safe place for newcomers , all residents are free in there.
To find the settlement you will have to go into Sewers.
Red Rocket Settlement - Rebuilded Settlement , there are residents , leader and few traders around , The Settlement is on ground. First Entrance is Gate and Second bridge across sewer
Rad Tech Laboratories - Group of Scientist trying to bring back live to Pripyat , they collect artifacts and do field reseach , this group often gives out quests , for doing them you will earn chips or sometimes weapons. Main enemies: Bandits , Mutants and the Warheads.
Warheads - Mutated people from psychiatric hospital escaped and created primitive clan called "Warheads" they hate the mankind and tries to gain full control over the Pripyat , they do Rape , Slavery and Tortures. They seem only be friendly to Disfigured War Survivors and mutants sometimes , not at all times. Be carefull of them at night time , extremely dangerous.
Green Hill Settlement - Abandoned place , destroyed by Mutants.

Alright these were the Factions of Post-Apocalyptic Pripyat , there are also few people that work alone and just do one role , here we will explain them all.

Cannibals - Self Explanation , they consume other people. Be carefull to not be caught by them.

Mutants - Highly disfigured people because of radiation. Familliar to bandits they rob , kill , kidnap and do crazy things like cutting off someone's penis.

Disfigured War Survivors - Highly disfigured people who survived the Great War , some of them are like Wastelanders and some of them just wander the wastelands aimlessly.

Trader - Travels the Pripyat and sells items around like Guns , Medkits or clothes.

Mercanary - offers their skills to people who pays them for work. Can work as Bodyguard or do some quest for you like collect and come back.

Ecologist -Those who take great interest in Post-War nature. They aim to make the land green again.

Hooker - They sell their bodies to people for money to survive.

Scavenger - Inviduals who make living by exploring ruins of Pripyat.

Explorer - They are people who know how to survive , they can climb up roof / walls. Safest role around.

Doctor - Sells medical supplies and wanders around to offer their service.
[OOC]: Playermade Factions not included like "Hidden" , "The Block".
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