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 MomoGamer / Mike Patosi

RP Name: Mike Patosi
Description: Mike Patosi is a 28 Old male who is 172 lbs high and is a very normal Soldier. He likes the wind in his hairs when he stands on a high building and looks down. He is very good in science and knows how to make a mutated creatures. He specializes in the subject experiments and science. He obey every order from an soldier with a higher rank. He goes every evening in the bar at the UAF Outpost. He was sometimes down in the Lab and he saw terrible things. He trys to give the best when he is on a mission and he likes to command recruits on a patrol when he is the high ranked Soldier. He loves his Job as a soldier and he knows some things that nobody want to knows. He have fun with killing and creating mutants. He wears a Hazmat suit and he likes the nature , but he cant find nature in the wasteland. He just find old shoes , nuclear zones and mutans. Sometimes he is killing some mutants and takes them to the UAF Vault and he makes experiments with them. He likes his Commanders. He dont deal with bandits and enemys. He makes often some potions and test them with rats.

Char description: http://apocalypserp-gmod.roleplaylife.net/t59-mike-patosi-s-backstory
Specials: He have a scar at his left eye.

End words: I hope you liked it now and i hope that i will be a ecologist.
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Reading through your application, I can see that you have put a lot of work into it. I will put you on trial for now, meaning that you have your job but we'll be keeping a close eye on you for that time.
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