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Full Name: Luke Vilkas

Aliases: A621

Nationality: Lithuanian

Languages: English/Lithuanian/Russian

DoB: December 22nd 2015

PoB: Marijampole, Lithuania

Age: 21

Height: 6.2 Ft - 188.976 Cm

Weight: 76 Kg - 11.968

Build: Ectomorph

Medical Background: Scar On His Left Sided Eyebrow

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religious Orientation:


Relationship Status:

Marius, Father - Dead "I will always remember you dad... You fighted in that war and did good job for our country... You will be always in my heart"
Elina, Mother - Dead "I tried to help you that day, when the bombs have dropped...But i couldn't, the Goverment took me back to the Lab... I am Sorry..."

Mental state: Normal

Morale: High - "I am ready to work with technology today again !"


Affiliation: Immune Trooper

Distinctive Features / Acts: He is usually hard working man. Never gives up easily as he is always ready to learn something new with technology. Most of the time calm in the crowd as he is peacufull man. But he shows anger towards the Ukraine Armed Forces as they killed his dad in the World War 3. He will never forget that day.

Alignment: Neutral

Luke's Characteristics: Luke might be kind soul but he doesnt show it to the Ukraine Armed Forces. He always help his comrades in work of technlogy or even in the combat, by taking a bullet for his comrade.

Physical Description: Normal sized human being. Slight tan. He has Long Brown Hair with a small goatee beard.


Luke's Face :
Luke Vilkas Character Presentation [Immune Trooper] Perfec10

Background Story: Luke started to work with technology at young age. Make such things as small robots and small radio's to communicate. His father has been working at military at that time, and he was watching Luke's work with the technology until he though that he should be signed into the military to make a technology for soldiers to use in war. He was only 15 when he was invited to work to make military technology. His experience in technology has been improving super fast. Which made him work on more serious things, as managable robots. So they would same as soldiers and would listen to commands too. But he heard a bad news that the World War 3 will happen, and everybody needs to be evacuated. So he tried to go to his mothers house and get her to safety. But he couldn't as the Goverment has hold him back. His Mother has died and Father too, as he was a soldier of Lithuania. And he was the one who was fighting for the country. But have died... Now, Luke is not really known for the people. As he works for a secret group known as "Immune".


Personal Relationships:

Respected - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Death Wish

Marcus Aberdeen - Liked
"Marcus...Huh, well he looks loyal, but i dont like his attitude towards us... But oh well, he makes our job easier."He has joined our group. I can see that he is trying his best to eliminate UAF and help us to improve... I am starting to like him.

Steve Cooper - Respected
"One of the best troops in my opinion, i have a lot of respect to him as he saved my life couple of times. He has shown loyality towards us"

Jenny Collins - Liked
"I feel sorry for her, some cannibals took her eye and ear, she went through a lot, and i will help her out... With my technology skills, I start to like her, but dont know why..."

[After a Roleplay i will add you ]


Faction Relationships:

Respected - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Death Wish

Immune - Respected
"This is the place where i belong to. I work with technology and finally i have a chance of destroying Ukraine Armed Forces who have killed my father in the World War 3... I will never forgive that."

Ukraine Armed Forces -
Death Wish
"You have killed my father in the World War 3... I will never forgive you for that... He was a good man, doing his job. He was my only hope in life..."
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